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Funky4LED are one of Europe's top resellers of some of the most respected manufacturers of LED lighting controls and LED lighting systems, including: LTech & Sunricher who are both high quality manufacturers of LED controllers, DMX controllers, LED lighting controls, WiFi LED Control using Smartphones, Tablets, Iphones and Ipads. Please see our selection of Sunricher Controllers and also download our Sunricher Catalogue that contains more technical information and other available products!

Please contact us if you need help in selecting the correct LED products to bring your LED Lighting system to reality, we might be able to also offer you advice that will save you time and money and simplify your LED controls and lighting.

Featured Products

Sunricher In-wall RF&Wifi 4 zone RGBW Controller SR-2831
£62.48 (£52.07 exc VAT)
Sunricher Receiver SR-1009FA7 Constant Current
£58.92 (£49.10 exc VAT)
Sunricher Receiver SR-1009FAWi Constant Voltage
£68.39 (£56.99 exc VAT)